Staff Directory

Patricia Schou

Executive Director

Angie Charlet

Director of Quality Services, Education Services & Compliance

Curt Zimmerman

Director of Business Services & Development

Dr. Gregg Davis

Chief Medical Officer, IRCCO

Diane Garland

Director of Finance

Trudi Colby

Regional Manager

Krista Fischer

Regional Manager

Lesa Schlatman

Care Coordination Specialist

Holly Lendy

Support Services Coordinator

Stephanie DeMay

Communications and Media Specialist

Jackie King

Clinical Informatics Director, HIM Consultant

Lindsey Toth

ACO Data Coordinator

Dennis Toth

IT Services Operations Coordinator

Kirby Heward

Administrative Assistant

Peggy Jones

Stroke & STEMI Consultant

Mary Jane Clark

Grant & Wellness Coordinator

Terry Madsen

CHNA Consultant

Kathy Fauble

Director, Professional Education Services

Liz Swanson

Assistant Director, Professional Education Services

Ryan Morgan

Chief Information
Security Officer

Ryan Sierman

Chief Information Officer

Frank Penrose

IT Consultant

Scott Cimarusti

IT Consultant