Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body for the network and has fiduciary and policy decision-making responsibilities. The board is comprised of nine individuals elected by the membership and meets on a bi-monthly basis. ICAHN board members must be the CEO or top senior officer of their hospital and may serve two consecutive, three-year terms.

Tracy Bauer

Board President
CEO, Midwest Medical Center

Doug Florkowski

CEO, Lawrence County Memorial Hospital

Ken Reid

Board Member
CEO, Carlinville Area Hospital

Trina Casner

Board Member
CEO, Pana Community Hospital

Alisa Coleman

Board Member
CEO, Ferrell Hospital

Joann Emge

Board Member
CEO, Sparta Community Hospital

Kathleen Hull

Board Member
President/CEO, Illini Community Hospital

Ted Rogalski

Board Member
CEO, Genesis Medical Center

Ollie Smith

Board Member
CEO, Horizon Health