Committee Member Listing

ICAHN's committees build upon shared strengths and serve as the building blocks for all aspects of our network. We welcome your service on any of our committees, which are described below. Click on the link for a brief description of each committee and a list of its current membership or contact Pat Schou, ICAHN Executive Director, at (815) 875-2999 or email her at CLICK THIS VIDEO LINK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ICAHN.

ICAHN's committees, their chairs and co-chairs:
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      - This committee is responsible for preparing the annual budget, advising the corporation on financial matters, and monitoring the corporation's financial statements. The Finance Committee meets quarterly on the fourth Thursday of January, April, July and October. The Secretary/Treasurer serves as Chair.

      Executive - This committee is empowered to make decisions in the event immediate action must be taken and the Board of Directors is not able to meet for a regular or special meeting. The Executive Committee meets as needed and is comprised of network officers including the President, President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, and Past President. 

      Nominating - This committee is responsible for preparing a slate of nominations for new Board members to be presented to the members at the annual membership meeting. The President nominates a minimum of three Board members to serve and prepare the nominating slate.

      Education - This committee conducts an annual assessment of member's educational and resource needs and provides recommendations at the annual meeting. The Education Committee meets quarterly and as needed.

      ICAHN Rural Recruitment - This committee serves as an advisory body on behalf of the Board and provides guidance and oversight to the ICAHN Rural Recruitment program. The ICAHN Rural Recruitment Committee minimally meets semi-annually and reports periodically to the Board.

      Regulatory and Legislative
       - This committee communicates state and federal regulatory and legislative information to the ICAHN membership and is the advocacy voice for the membership. The Regulatory and Legislative Committee meets monthly by conference call, which is open to all member CEOs, CFOs and CNEs to better reflect the concerns of the membership.

      Operational Benchmarking - This committee designs and evaluates performance and quality reports completed by the ICAHN members. The Operational Benchmarking Committee meets as needed.

      Issues - This committee evaluates current issues and challenges that affect the CAH community and develops strategic action recommendations for the ICAHN Board of Directors. The Issues Committee meets quarterly on the first Thursday.

      Business Services - This committee evaluates potential new member services and business partners and recommends appropriate selections to the ICAHN Board of Directors for deliberation. The Business Services Committee meets as needed.

      External Peer Review Network - This committee credentials physician reviewers who serve on the peer review panel. The EPRN Committee determines the categories of peer review services to offer, as well as the policies and procedures to be followed by the EPRN. The EPRN Committee meets quarterly and as needed.

      Information Technology - This committee provides general oversight to the IT Services Business Plan. The Information Technology Committee meets three times a year in February, July and October.

      Illinois Rural Community Care Organization (IRCCO)
      Medicaid Expedited Payments Workgroup
      Peer Network Advisory Chair
      uality Performance Committee
      Trailblazer Initiative
      Wellness Committee