CIO Services

Ahead of the curve

Just a few years ago, hospital IT staff were relied upon as help desk staff. Today, your IT staff fill more critical roles as they interact with clinical staff, fulfill project management responsibilities, and conduct more complex technical installations. However, IT staff are so busy today that it is difficult for them to take time to learn what services are offered at other hospitals or what is going on in the IT market. Understanding the hospital technology market going forward is critical to your success.

In the near future, your hospital will need a strategic leader with experience understanding the different clinical, infrastructure and HIPAA activities in the various hospital markets throughout the state. Going forward, you likely will need a CIO and many critical access hospitals cannot afford a fulltime CIO.

But you can afford a shared CIO, one who has access to the most recent hospital projects, vendors, partners, and best practices throughout the state of Illinois. Most importantly, ICAHN IT staff understand that the key is to work with and provide support to existing hospital IT and clinical staff, and address technical issues not supported locally.

Call Ryan Sierman at (815) 875-2999 to learn more. Doing so may mean the difference between a successful strategic direction for clinical implementations and hospital-wide momentum versus internal staff struggling with outside vendors and your providers.