Documents and Presentations

  Basic Field Guides to Healthcare Compliance and Quality

Basic Field Guide to Healthcare Compliance (Manual authored by Cheri Bernander of HealthTechS3, February 2016)
Basic Field Guide to Healthcare Quality (Manual authored by Diane Bradley of HealthTechS3, February 2016)

  Critical Access Hospital (CAH) Information

American Hospital Association's Critical Access Hospital Website
ARRA Summary
CAH Conditions of Participation: Updates Webinar Recording April 20, 2015
CAH Economic and Community Impact 2011
CAH Factsheet
CAH Finance 101 Manual (provided by TASC 2013)
CAH Information from CMS (Critical Access Hospital Center Website)
CAH Information from The Joint Commission
CAH Interpretive Guidelines (State Operations Manual/Appendix W)
CAH Planning for the Future Vision Paper 2010
CAH Quality Report White Paper
CAH Collaboration Report White Paper 2013
CAH Status in IL
Federal Register EHR Incentive Proposed Rule
Financial Leadership Summit Report (2016)
Illinois Critical Access Hospital Hospitalist Study (2015)
Illinois Critical Access Hospital Program: Learning From the Past, Building the Future" (2015) Full Version
Illinois Critical Access Hospital Program: Learning From the Past, Building the Future" (2015) 4-Page Version
IL Rural Health Plan
National Rural Health Day
State Operating Manual for CAHs and Swing-Beds in CAHs
Swing Bed Factsheet
Transmittal 138/CAH Conditions of Participation Revision April 7, 2015

  ICAHN Information

2017 Annual Report
2016 ICAHN Annual Report
2015 ICAHN Annual Report
2015 CAH Conference Brochure
2014 ICAHN Annual Report
2013 ICAHN Annual Report
2012 ICAHN Annual Report
2011 ICAHN Annual Report
ICAHN Bylaws
ICAHN Organizational Chart
ICAHN Confidentiality Notice
ICAHN Governing Board Manual I
ICAHN Governing Board Manual II

  Opioid Summit

How Does a Local Coalition Work?
Drug & Substance Abuse: How Can Local Coalitions Help?
Impact of Opioid and Drug Abuse on Family and the Community
Forming New Coalitions
Sustaining Your Coalition