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Patient Satisfaction Surveys are reshaping how healthcare is measured and provided. For more information on ICAHN's Patient Satisfaction Survey, click above.
ICAHN has partnered with Custom Learning Systems, offering an HCAHPS-based Culture Transformational Initiative, on-site leadership, CEO Service Excellence Initiative, and HCAHPS webinars and tele-seminars.

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ICAHN has partnered with The Values Collaborative in offering a course on values-based life and leadership skills. For more information, click above.
ICAHN has partnered with the Kansas Hospital Association to utilize Quality Health Indicators, a cost-effective way to benchmark with like-size facilities across the state and throughout the Midwest. To log-in, click here.

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Medelearn e-Learning

ICAHN has partnered with Medelearn to advance health care, education, and knowledge through effective and efficient elearning training. For more information, click above.

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ICAHN has partnered with Impact! Communications offering the Team Transformation Series, designed to improve customer service, communication, and patient satisfaction in your critical access hospital.