Survey Solutions

With the movement to value based purchasing, Survey Solutions by ICAHN streamlines the process of implementing and tracking patient satisfaction surveys and effectively measuring that data. Survey Solutions by ICAHN offers an innovative approach to hospitals, clinics, and group practices across the country by using fully digital data uploads, multiple survey lines in many formats (mail, email, tablet and text), and real-time reporting through an interactive dashboard. To learn more, visit


Want to see your data in real time with trends, domain breakdowns, even written comments and peer comparisons? The Survey Solutions by ICAHN Dashboard offers all of this. Sign up for a webinar and learn how to get big results on a small hospital budget.

  • Track response rates
  • View flagged survey responses
  • Breakdowns of each domain and question
  • Results in multiple formats, including percentage tables and graphs
  • Compare your data to that of your peers
  • Track results from week to week
  • See where your surveys compare with national benchmarks
  • View comments from patients written on your surveys
  • Track quarterly trends in yoru survey domains


Survey Solutions by ICAHN is your one-stop provider for everything HCAHPS. Our state-of-the-art system makes gathering and analyzing your data easier than ever before.

  • CMS approved vendor
  • CMS submissions included
  • Easy to understand HCAHPS survey
  • Onboard in one week
  • Upload your weekly data - we do the rest
  • HIPAA secure process
  • Interactive dashboard to track and analyze data
  • 24/7 access to all your data - down to individual surveys
  • Peer comparisons


Want higher EDCAHPS response rates? Sign up for a webinar on and learn how Survey Solutions by ICAHN is changing the game in EDCAHPS surveys.

  • Start within one week
  • HIPAA secured process from start to finish
  • Multiple survey formats. Mail, email, text and in-room tablet surveys available
  • Digital surveys to increase response rates from hard to reach demographics
  • Fully automated data scrubbing - just upload your data and we do the rest
  • Interactive dashboard to track your data in real-time
  • 24/7 dashboard access
  • Track survey results down to individual surveys


Value based purchasing makes it more important than ever to improve the overall customer service provided to our communities. Capturing real-time patient feedback allows for immediate enhancements to the services provided. Sign up for a webinar on

  • Digital surveys to increase response rates
  • Simply upload your weekly patient data -  we take it from there
  • HIPAA secured in multiple formats: mail, email, text and in room tablet
  • Interactive dashboard that allows you 24/7 access to your data
  • Track response rates and survey results down to individual surveys
  • Compare results with your peers
  • AHRQ submissions available


The increased movement to outpatient services for us to continually monitor and improve our customer service and overall populations served.

  • Survey questions for multiple outpatient services
  • Upload your weekly reprots - we do the rest
  • Reach your patients via HIPAA secure mail, email, text or tablet
  • See your data in real-time as survey results upload on your custom dashboard
  • 24/7 dashboard access
  • Access to all your data - even individual survey results
  • Compare your results with your peers

Employee Satisfaction:

Employee feedback is crucial to not only improving the quality of service your hospital provides but also outlining areas for improvement. In order to serve your communities best, it's vital to get feedback from the people on the front lines. Survey Solutions by ICAHN offers anonymous, custom employee surveys designed to help bring about positive change to your organization.

  • Custom Employee Survey dashboard
  • Track your results in real time
  • Results breakdown by department and individual surveys
  • Analyze trends in employee satisfaction over time with multiple surveys