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Requirements for Acute Stroke–Ready Hospital Advanced Certification


Take Control and Know your Numbers
Health Officials Have Changed Their Minds About Blood Pressure Guidelines
Major Study Calls for Even Tighter Control of High Blood Pressure
Improving Health Outcomes



Thrombolytic Therapy for Ischemic Stroke


EMS Presentation
Goals for EMS Teamwork
Goals for Hub Hospitals


Activity List for Community Organizations
Activity List for Churches
Activity List for Schools
Activity List for Workplaces
Community PowerPoint What You Need to Know About Stroke
Helpful Resources for Churches

Hospital Registration Form

Media Resources for Hospitals
PACT to Act Fast Pledge Sign-up Sheet
PACT To Act Fast Activity Suggestions for Churches
PACT To Act Fast Activity Suggestions for the Workplace

School Activities for K-3
School Activities for Fifth Grade
Quiz: What Can You Do About Stroke?


ASA Online Web Courses
Circulation AHA

Emergent Management of Acute Ischemic Stroke
Fire and Tornado Card

ICAHN Stroke Education Webinar

ICAHN Stroke Initiative PowerPoint

ICAHN Get With The Guidelines PowerPoint

International Stroke Conference Webinar (Dr. Shyam Prabhakaran)

Making Stroke Care a Reality in Rural Areas (Webinar PowerPoint)
Neills - Get With The Guidelines PowerPoint

Online Stroke Resources

Risk Assessment Scorecard
Risk for MI Doubles after TIA
Stroke 101 Fact Sheet

Target Stroke Best Practices

TIA AHA Webinar 8-20-10
Top 10 Reasons People Don't Call 911 When Stroke Symptoms Occur

What Every Family Should Know About Stroke


2015 Activase Prescribing Information Update
Acute Stroke Patient Log

GWTG Acute Stroke Treatment Program Flyer

ICD Codes for Stroke

Online Stroke Resources

Participating Team Implementation Chart

Post TPA Care Sheet
Stroke Fact Sheet

Stroke Progress Checklist

Top 20 Checklist


Cannabis-related stroke
Leading the way for stroke initiative


September 2011


Mild and Improving CVA Patient
Mild and Rapid Improving CVA

Rapid Improvement and Mild CVA

TIA and Minor CVA

TPA Litigation


Best Practice Timeline for All Levels
Goals for Targeting Stroke Care

GWTG ICAHN Agreement

GWTG Overview for CAH

Stroke Hospital Champion Roles and Responsibilities


Activase Patient Brochure
BP Management Stroke
Dysphagia for Nurses Allied Health
ED Activase Worksheet
ED Care for Suspected Stroke
ED Stroke Protocol
Initial Care Suspected Stroke
Intracerebral Hemorrhage Stroke
Kirby Hospital Stroke Order Algorithm
NIH Stroke Scale
NIH Stroke Scale Booklet
NIH Stroke Scale Sheet
Northwestern Dysphagia Patient Check Sheet
PACT To Act Fast Materials Order Card
Stroke I Transfer Report
Stroke Inclusion Exclusion
Stroke Thrombolytic Therapy
TIA Stroke Discharge
TPA Consent Stroke


Genentech Stroke Initiative - Administering tPA (April 21, 2015) Webinar Recording
Hospital Emergency Response and Legal Issues: Lessons from Joplin, MO
(April 22, 2014)
Webinar Recording
Hospital Emergency Response and Legal Issues: Lessons from Joplin, MO (April 22, 2014)
International Stroke Conference and Get With the Guidelines/Pact to Act FAST webinar (March 20, 2013)
Stroke: Pact to Act F.A.S.T. (April 22, 2014) PowerPoint
New Legislation and Moving Forward in IL (October 24, 2014)
Webinar Recording
House Bill 5742 - Moving Stroke Care Forward in Illinois (October 24,2014)
Presented by Alex Meixner
Get with the Guidelines (October 24,2014)
Presented by Kathleen O'Neill
Get with the Guidelines (December 8, 2016) Presented by Renee Sednew; Webinar Recording