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Ferrell Hospital enters affiliation, management services agreement with Deaconess


Submitted by Pam Harbison

Eldorado, IL – Ferrell Hospital, a critical access hospital, in Eldorado, IL, and Deaconess in Evansville, IN, have entered into a Strategic Affiliation Agreement and a Management Services Agreement. The terms of these agreements include the two hospitals working together to recruit and hire a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Once hired, the CEO and CFO will be employed by Deaconess and work at Ferrell Hospital. Don Brown will continue to serve as Interim CEO until a permanent replacement is found and will continue as facilitator of a joint council which will be working to analyze most appropriate steps for future collaboration and affiliation. All other staff members will continue to be employed by Ferrell Hospital. 

After looking at various options, Deaconess was the chosen partner. Ferrell's Board of Directors identified Deaconess as one of the premier healthcare systems in the tri-state area. The mission statements of both organizations are very similar and the strategic plans of both organizations encompass the desire to meet the need for quality care throughout the service area. The changing healthcare environment and political scene seem to indicate the need for small rural healthcare organizations to team up with partners in a systematic way. Affiliation and collaboration appear to offer great advantages as the current healthcare environment continues to evolve. The secret of success in these partnership endeavors is to be sure to find the right partner. Ferrell Hospital looks forward to working with the Deaconess organization in meeting these challenges.